Onebound translation API new Tibetan language global language translation function


API translation of new Tibetan language and global language translation function to solve the Tibetan language into the world of a major obstacle.(At present, there is no translation engine available on the Internet to provide Tibetan and global language translation functions.)


Chinese: 我最喜欢的西藏。西藏永远是中国一部分。
Tibetan:ང་ཆེས་དགའ་བའི་བོད་ལྗོངས། བོད་ལྗོངས་ནི་ནམ་ཡང་ཀྲུང་གོའི་ཆ་ཤས་ཤིག་ཡིན།
English:My favorite Tibet. Tibet will always be part of China.
Korean:내가 제일 좋아하는 티베트. 티베트는 항상 중국의 일부가 될 것입니다.

For more language support, please refer to Wan Bang translation API specification. Technical support for QQ:583964941

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