TAOBAO AGENT SYSTEM commercial version



  • Commercial function module
  • Mobile support
  • API access
  • Source code
  • Primary technical support
  • App
  • Batch operation order



  • Commercial function module
  • Mobile support
  • API access
  • Source code
  • Intermediate technical support
  • App
  • Batch operation order



  • Commercial function module
  • Mobile support
  • API access
  • Member front desk source code
  • Advanced technical support
  • App
  • Batch operation order

Enterprise Flagship


  • Commercial function module
  • Mobile support
  • API access
  • All source code
  • APP
  • Advanced technical support
  • Batch operation order

Respecting Edition


  • Commercial function module
  • Mobile support
  • API access
  • PC+APP source code
  • Top technology support
  • APP
  • Batch operation order

detailed information ON TAOBAO AGENT SYSTEM

Front desk Features

Standard ¥19800 Advanced ¥58888 Enterprise ¥98888 Enterprise flagship ¥199999 Respecting Edition ¥688000 Customizable part
multi-language Chinese & English +1 5 15 50 100 1000(+1)
Multi-currency RMB & USD +1 5 15 50 100 1000(+1)
Help Center
Shopping process demo
Article system
Freight calculation
Self-operated mall system 5000
Browser One Click Purchase Plugin 2000
Domestic express API access
Enter URL one-click purchase
Manually fill in any URL
Brand integrated navigation 500
Regional automatic recognition language 500
Partner system (requires multiple domain name support) 10000
Promotion alliance system 5000
Online customer service system
Shopping cart is not available 1000
Details page international shipping estimate 1000
On-time snapping activity 3000
Special product countdown 2000
Shopping time 1000
Detail page price conversion 500
Commodity is expected to arrive at warehouse time 500
Size comparison table 500
Sign in with QQ 1000
WeChat 1000
Sina 1000
Alipay 1000
Google+ 1000
Twttier 1000
Line 1000
UCenter multi-site synchronous login 3000
payment method alipay(支付宝) 1000
wxpay(微信) 1000
tenpay(财付通) 1000
YeePay(易宝) 1000
payssion(派付) 1000
WebMoney(WM) 1000
Member Centre Purchase order list
International package list
Transfer warehouse address
Transfer order submission
My message
My Profile
my address
my discount coupon
My scores
my collection
Expenses record
Withdrawal application
Recharge application
refund application 1000
membership level 1000
Order Message
Recently viewed products
Promotion Alliance (invite friends)
shopping cart
Facebook share points 1000
Point coupon
Event coupon 1000
Integral system
Parcel tracking
Order not paid for 72 hours automatically canceled 1000
Third-party platform account binding 1000
account security 1000
Package can be applied for after sale 1000
Commodity return service 1000
Mail reminder switch service 1000
Unpaid order cancellation 1000
Shipping method and shipping template
International transshipment function
Support for secondary payments
Support one payment 5000
Foreign logistics API access
Calculate shipping costs by country with weight
Seller settled in 50000

API access

1688 5000/Y
JD 5000/Y
amazon 5000/Y
aliexpress 5000/Y
ebay 5000/Y
Dangdang 5000/Y
Beautiful says 5000/Y
Vipshop 5000/Y
mushroom Street 5000/Y
No. 1 shop 5000/Y
Alibaba 5000/Y
Ali mother 5000/Y
Suning 5000/Y
Amazon 5000/Y
Yi Bei 5000/Y
AliExpress 5000/Y

API function related

API interface classification & search list
API interface to filter by attribute 5000/Y
API interface search by image 14400/Y
API interface product details
API same shop product list 5000/Y
API interface product review 14400/Y
API interface crawl automatic translation
Taobao keyword recommendation 1000/Y
Taobao get recommended products 1000/Y
Taobao gets love shopping 1500/Y
Taobao Amoy password 2000/Y
Daily specials 1500/Y
Backstage Multi-language in the background Support 1 language Support 2 languages Support 3 languages Support 5 languages 1000(+1)
Double currency 5000
Switch currency 5000
Batch synchronization courier 20000/Y
Mail notification (group sending) 1000
SMS notification (group sending) 1000
Station message consultation interaction
Manually fill out the purchase order
Self-operated Mall Basic Edition 2000
Self-operated Mall Premium Edition 10000
Binding API classification
Classified weight management 5000
Multi-mail server configuration 1000
Transfer order management
Purchase order processing
user list
Transfer recharge
Management chargeback
Expenses record
Recharge record
Simple financial statistics
Advanced financial statistics 5000
Real-time exchange rate synchronization 1000
Freight calculation template
Article list
Bank account list
Currency setting
Auction account 2000
Exchange rate setting
language settings
Background management permissions
basic settings
Mobile support Mobile phone interface 5000
Tablet interface 5000
WeChat public platform basic version 3000
WeChat public platform advanced version 7000
微信小程序标准版 10000
微信小程序高级版 20000
微信小程序企业版 30000
微信小程序旗舰版 40000
Number of bindable domains Bind 1 domain name Bind 5 domain names Bind 15 domain names Bind 50 domain names 1000(+1)
Source code Member front desk 20000
Management background 50000
System core 200000
APP 200000


标准版功能APP(IOS+安卓源生) 20000
高级版功能APP(IOS+安卓源生) 30000
企业版功能APP(IOS+安卓源生) 50000
Package APP 5000
IOS client (source) 50000
Android client (source) 50000
Message push 10000
Google on behalf of the release 5000
APP store release 5000
Consulting and deployment Website consultation
Client compilation consultation
Website deployment
Website plugin installation
Website theme installation
Synchronous login configuration
WeChat public number configuration
Mail configuration
SMS plugin configuration
Configuration facility Domain binding 200/Y(+1)
SSl deployment 1000/Y(+1)
Server configuration one 2000/Y
Server configuration two 5000/Y
Server configuration three 10000/Y
Server security 8000/Y
Renewal fee Package technical support annual fee (charged in the first year) 2000元 3000元 4000元 5000元 20000元
Package API interface annual fee (charged in the following year 5000元 8000元 10000元 20000元 50000元