Onebound after nearly 10 years of actual operational improvements, and constantly improve, the function is very strong, business process is reasonable, so you instantly establish purchasing site, easy to do purchasing, open your cross-border electric business road …

Electricity business platform API

System has built,,, of the electricity business API, more API can easily expand

Purchasing , Shipping , On behalf of the transfer

Each member assigned a special shipping address, after receipt by scanning the package number can be quickly positioned

Commodity centralized packaging transport

The goods are packaged and shipped in real time to keep track of the latest delivery in the bill of lading interface

Powerful background management

Background easy to set the parameters, different permissions to see different functions, business process is reasonable, easy to operate

Taobao Shopping

Taobao purchasing is the rise of a shopping model in recent years, is to help foreign customers to buy Chinese goods, cross-border e-commerce is basically taken to this model

What is Taobao purchasing

Through the Onebound purchasing system, the Taobao, Tmall and other business platform for the whole station goods through the API access to
On your website, you can set up a large number of hundreds of millions of products online store, the goods automatically translated into multiple languages, directly to customers around the world one-stop sales.

Taobao purchasing

how to make money

Site operators on behalf of the purchase and then mail to the customer, the site operator can receive the goods by the difference, purchasing fees and freight way to profit. You can also upload their own goods, through the website of multi-language translation of goods sold to customers around the world. Profitable, huge market.

Only need to fill in your personal information here can be here Taobao API trial

Onebound API

We have the major Chinese business platform API, real-time capture Taobao Lynx massive data, online translation

taobao API


Tmall API

Dangdang API

1688 API


Amazon API

Translate API

Our API Main function

Gets a list of results for the specified categories and keywords, supports sorting by credit, price, and sales, and supports customizing the number of pages per page

Get business information including business nickname, URL, ID, credit, rating, store list, merchandise and similar product list

API can output JSON, XML and other formats, for PHP, JSP and other programming language calls

Translate API support: text translation, HTML translation, batch translation, now supports more than 20 languages

Get the details of the specified product ID, including the product title, graphic description, SKU specifications and the corresponding price, original price, and promotional price, freight, product classification

Such as open platform: taobao.items.get and and other functions

The following programs are now supported: MagenTo, ShopEx, ZenCart, OpenCart secondary development calls

Support for program calls, language translations, product details, order details

API supports the following interfaces

item_get -

Get Taobao product details

item_list_get -

Batch obtain Taobao Product Details

item_review -

Get Taobao product reviews

item_fee -

Access to Taobao goods delivery costs

item_password -

Get Amoy password real url

seller_info -

Get Taobao shop details

item_search -

Search for Taobao products by keyword

item_search_shop -

Get all the merchandise for the shop

cat_get -

Get the details of Taobao classification

item_search_samestyle -

Search for the same item

item_search_similar -

Search for similar items

item_sku -

Get sku details

brand_cat -

Get a list of brand categories

brand_cat_top -

Get a list of recommended brands

brand_cat_list -

Get a list of brands for the specified category

brand_keyword_list -

Get a list of keywords for the specified

brand_info -

Get brand information

brand_product_list -

Get the specified brand of products

custom -

Customize API operations

add_cart -

Add to cart

del_cart -

Remove the shopping cart

buyer_cart_list -

Get a shopping list of shopping carts

buyer_order_list -

Get a list of purchased merchandise orders

buyer_order_datail -

Get the purchase order details

seller_order_list -

Get a list of sold goods orders

seller_order_datail -

Get the details of the order of the goods sold

upload_img -

Upload pictures to Taobao

img2text -

Image identification commodity interface

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