Purchasing allows you to buy easily


Generally speaking, it is to find someone to help you buy the goods you need, perhaps because you can not buy the goods locally, or the price of the local goods is more expensive than those in other areas. Help foreign friends buy Chinese goods, and then sent to foreign countries by express delivery, is a common form of purchasing. Through the WAN overseas purchasing system, you can buy any shopping website in China, and do not need RMB, use the familiar language to operate. The website is easy to operate and low in cost! Let you stay at home, easy to purchase, purchasing, all China’s goods are in your fingers, absolutely fast and convenient! Let you relax and enjoy the fun of shopping.

How to profit from purchasing websites
Web is through the service fees to generate income, commodities will usually charge service fees according to a certain proportion, the international freight service fees and insurance fees, photo fee and so on, there are also international freight discount. For example, the guest submitted the amount of goods purchasing is 1000 yuan, the weight is 1kg. international freight 100 yuan purchasing network to get the discount is 75 yuan, taking the requirements of the guests inspection, take delivery fee is 5 yuan, also bought the insurance, then purchasing network produced a total profit for 1000*10% + (100-75) + 100 * 10% + 5 + 1000*5% = 190 yuan, a Ming order can generate a profit of 190 yuan, if coupled with the bargain, basically have to more than 200 of the profits, as long as the good operation team of 3 people, at the beginning of every day is 30 orders, then the profit is 200 yuan * 30 (order) * 30 (d) = 180000 (yuan), a month to nearly 200 thousand yuan of profits, very impressive.

Onebound purchasing system allows customers to easily shopping, enjoy the fun of shopping, so that more and more people like to go shopping, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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