how to become taobao agent?


Now more and more people use Taobao. It feels that the products on Taobao are of good quality, cheap price, very good use, not only Chinese people like to use Taobao, but other people in many other countries also like to use Taobao. But people in other countries are very inconvenient to use Taobao, especially logistics, language, unable to pay, these three obstacles.

So there are so many problems that lead to the trouble of buying goods at Taobao, then you can think about a question, can I be a Taobao agent, the Taobao market is immense, and there are tens of millions and even more of the goods on the Taobao, which is a very good opportunity for you, but want to be Taobao Agent, will face a lot of problems, Especially logistics, language, unable to pay, these three obstacles, to solve these problems, can let Onebound taobao agent system to help you.

Onebound taobao agent system can display the commodity information of Taobao\Tmall, 1688, Jingdong and other electronic commerce platforms through the API data interface, and display them on the system in real time., supporting the rapid switching of multiple languages and various currencies, allowing users to use familiar language and common currency for shopping. Operation, at the same time, the system has the function of transshipment, automatically calculate the international freight, and update the commodity logistics information in real time, and send it to the customers quickly.

Onebound taobao agent system has been improved for more than 10 years, its function is very strong, the business process is reasonable, the humanized design is adopted, the operation is simple, and it is easy to get up. The system has built-in Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Alibaba, Amazon and other e-commerce platform grasping rules, more rules can be easily expanded. Each member will assign a special receiving address, submit the shipment according to this delivery, after receiving the goods by scanning the single number of parcels can be quickly positioned so as to check the goods into the warehouse. Buy goods instead of buying goods instead of parcel goods. They do not need to operate separately. After delivery, the latest delivery situation can be traced in real time in the interface of the waybill, and there is no need to jump out of the station.

Taobao agent use our system, can save a lot of time, Taobao agents can devote themselves to operation and other problems, We can take care of your daily business activities, I hope you do not miss the present time, to hold, the next successful person is you, hurry up, if you have any question, you can contact us. We will answer for you in detail.

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