Successful signing of Vietnam Dung e-commerce platform API cooperation


On January 10, 2019, Xinyu Wanbang Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed an API cooperation with Dung, Vietnam. All employees of Wanbang Technology congratulate Dung on the successful signing of the project. Thank Dung for his support and trust in our company.

Dung project mainly faces the Vietnamese market. In recent years, the Vietnamese e-commerce market has been booming, with an annual growth of 22%. Vietnam’s retail sales have expanded rapidly, accounting for 3.39% of the total retail market. In 2018, Vietnam’s retail sales grew by 10.2% to $118 billion. With the growth of smartphone penetration and consumer demand, Vietnamese e-commerce will grow more than five times by 2020.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, about 400 Vietnamese enterprises sell on e-commerce platforms. Experts say that as Vietnam is a big exporter of agricultural products, food and furniture, more and more enterprises will join online retailing.

Vietnam’s e-commerce market is generally very active. Online sales and business activities do not show signs of cooling down, on the contrary, their market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Among them, large investors such as Ali, Jingdong and Creador injected large amounts of capital into the market.

I wish the Dung project a smooth start, the company’s scale expansion, performance climbing, ambitious, all the best, thousands of miles.

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