Successful Signing of taobao agent system


On December 27, 2018, Onebound successfully signed a commission purchase system project with Japan Tianjin General Manager. All employees of Wanbang Science and Technology congratulated Japan Tianjin General Manager on the successful signing of the contract. Thank you for your support and trust in our company.

Tanaka’s taobao agent system project is mainly facing the Japanese market. Japan is the third largest e-commerce market in the world. Its rapid growth has created a perfect environment for consumers to buy online. As far as the e-commerce market is concerned, Japan ranks fourth in the world with nearly 90 billion yuan of retail e-commerce sales. Data show that Japan has the highest proportion of online shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region, with 77 million users in 2018 and more than 80 million expected in 2022. Japan has developed logistics system and basic telecommunications facilities, and about 91% of the population uses the Internet, so it has a large number of potential users and high economic development value.

As we all know, the mobile Internet in Japan started early and developed rapidly. As early as in the era of functional computers, Mobile Televisions and mobile wallets in Japan have been widely used. The number of Internet users ranks fifth in the world, and the Internet penetration rate is as high as 94%. The proportion of Internet users in Japan is large and rising, and the main Internet users are concentrated in Tokyo.

Onebound Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in providing omni-directional taobao agent system, e-commerce API, logistics transfer system, APP development and foreign trade website construction services. Wanbang purchasing agent system realizes API to capture massive data, real-time online translation and custom translation modification and commodity relevance settings, local personalized UI design, professional development team, support a variety of online payment interfaces.

I wish Chinamart. jp’s taobao agent system project to proceed smoothly, the company’s scale enlarged, performance increased, ambitious, all the best, thousands of miles.

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