New Data Interface of Made-in-China Network for Onebound E-Commerce Platform


Recently, Onebound e-commerce platform has added a data interface of to support search lists and commodity details.

Made-in-China Network (CMN) is an online world of Chinese product information. It provides e-commerce services for Chinese products worldwide, aiming at introducing Chinese-made products to global purchasers through the Internet. Founded in 1998, Made-in-China Network is one of the most famous B2B e-commerce websites in China, which is developed and operated by Focus Technology. It has been ranked as the top 100 websites of commercial value by Internet Weekly for four consecutive years. Made-in-China Network centralizes the products of Chinese enterprises and provides efficient and reliable information exchange and trade service platform for global purchasers. It creates unlimited business opportunities for Chinese enterprises and global purchasers. It is one of the preferred B2B websites for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out international trade through the Internet. It is also an internationally influential electronic business. Service platform.

The data interface of Onebound e-commerce platform includes:

1. Taobao

2. Tmall



5. Jingdong

6. Dangdang

7. beauty says

8. translation




12.Shop 1

13. Ali mother


15. ocean Wharf

16. speed sell

17. NetEase Koala

18. Jingdong global purchase

19. Tmall International

20. daily specials

21. China manufacturing network

The main functions of Onebound Science and Technology API are as follows:
[standard interface]
Item_get – Get details of Taobao products
Item_fee-Get Express Fee for Taobao Goods
Item_password – Get the real URL for password tampering
Item_search – Search Taobao products by keyword
Item_search_suggest-Get search word recommendation
Item_search_jupage – Daily special
Item_sku – Get SKU details
Cat_get – Get details of Taobao classification
Item_search_samestyle – Search for the same item
Item_search_similar – Search for similar goods
Item_recommend – Get a list of recommended items
Brand_cat – Get a list of brand categories
Bran_cat_top – Get a list of classified recommended brands
Brand_cat_list – Gets a list of brands with a specified category
Brand_keyword_list – Gets a list of brands with specified keywords
Brand_info – Get brand-related information
Brand_product_list – Get the product of the specified brand
[advanced interface]
Item_search_shop – Get all the goods in the store
Seller_info – Get details of Taobao Store
Item_review – Get Taobao Comments on Commodities
Item_search_img – Search Taobao Products by Picture
Upload_img – Upload pictures to Taobao
IMg2text-Picture Recognition Commodity Interface
Custom – Custom API operations (Logistics Query Interface here)
[special interface]
Buyer_cart_add-Add to shopping cart
Buyer_cart_remove-Delete shopping cart merchandise
Buyer_cart_clear-Please empty the shopping cart
Buyer_cart_list – Get the list of items in the shopping cart
Buyer_cart_order – Save shopping cart items as orders
Buyer_order_list – Gets a list of orders for goods purchased
Buyer_order_datail – Get the details of the purchase order
Buyer_order_express – Get the order logistics of the purchased goods
Buyer_address_list-list of receiving addresses
Buyer_address_clear – Clear the receiving address
Buyer_address_remove – Delete the receiving address
Buyer_address_modify – Modify the delivery address
Buyer_address_add – Add the receiving address
Seller_order_list – Get the list of orders for goods sold
Seller_order_datail – Get the details of the order for the goods sold

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