Successful signing of Yang Zhi Yun Si (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd. taobao agent system project


YosWins is a new creative organization, The company was founded in January 2013. It is composed of experienced, rich industry vision, strategy, creativity and technical team. Focus on digital interaction, use the best creativity and technology to provide quality service to customers. Strategy led, creative for the first, technology driven Strategy, Creative and Technology, with sharp consumer insight, the most inspiring creative, and the most advanced development technology, to meet customer needs.

In May 23, 2018, Yang Zhi Yun Si (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd. visited our company (Xinyu Wanbang Technology Co., Ltd.) to understand the purchase and taobao agent system and exchange the related business and matters related to the taobao agent system with us in detail, and finally signed the bill with us. All staff of Xinyu Wanbang Technology Co., Ltd. congratulate Yang Zhi Yun Si (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd. Liu chief signed a success! Thanks to Liu’s support and trust in our company.

Xinyu Wanbang Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing full range taobao agent system, electronic commerce API, transportation system and foreign trade website construction. After nearly 10 years of actual operation improvement, continuous improvement, the function is very strong, the business process is reasonable, the use of humanized design, simple operation, easy to handle. The use of Wan Bang foreign trade taobao agent system allows you to instantly build purchasing websites, making purchasing agents lightly and opening your cross border business. The idea of our company is that everything is set out by the customers. All the customers are satisfied. The satisfaction of the customers is the greatest recognition and encouragement to us, and the motivation to support us.

Bless Liu head company taobao agent system business orders continuously! Your satisfaction is the biggest recognition of our company, and the partners who are hesitant take the time to catch the bonus period of purchasing related business.

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